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Has this Gorilla Learnt to Talk?

I suppose that this is really a non story. When I first saw the headlines I assumed that they had found a Gorilla that can make speech conversation. It turns out that is not the case. So, it may be many generations before the Gorillas talk like in the cult films Planet of the Apes.


If you’ve read the headlines, you could be forgiven for thinking that Koko was in the process of mastering the ability to talk. “The most famous gorilla is showing signs of earth speech” – wrote one influential website. “She is showing signs that she may be able to learn to talk” a newspaper wrote. You get the idea.But is this true, is Koko really showing any such ability?Spoiler alert:In short no. What Koko can in fact do, is manipulate her vocal chords to create an assortment of sounds. For example, she coughs on cue:

Source: BBC – Earth – Has this gorilla learnt to talk?