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Gorilla Throws Rock

Another Gorilla loses his temper in a Zoo and is caught on video. This time a Gorilla threw a rock to someone who was filming him. The gorilla showed great dexterity in picking up the rock as a weapon and throwing it. There is no doubting the intelligence of Gorillas, and with intelligence comes to mood swings. So, remember when you are in a Zoo and you see any animal NEVER tease them and never under estimate them.


As the men continue to talk among themselves, the animal picks up a rock from the ground and throws it towards the group. The animal is then seen standing on its hind legs – apparently judging whether he hit his target.The camera jolts as Mr Nolan moves to avoid the missile – which was launched with such force that it is not caught on film.

Source: Gorilla throws rock at tourists when they try to video him at Berlin Zoo  | Daily Mail Online