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Gorilla in Bazel

In Switzerland, there is a Zoo called Basel, and very recently they were very lucky to have a new born Gorilla join the rest of the Gorilla family. Many Gorillas live in the world and mostly in the Congo, which is in Africa. I bet the Gorillas in Basel get very cold when the snow comes down!!

The Western Lowland Gorilla is native to the rainforests of western central Africa.Gorillas live in groups called troops. Troops tend to be made of one adult male (or silverback) and multiple adult females and their offspring. A silverback is typically a male that is more than 12 years of age.Females mature at 10-12 years (earlier in captivity) and males at 11-13 years.

Female Gorillas mate and give birth in, typically, four-year intervals. Gestation lasts about 8.5 months. Infants are entirely dependent on their mothers. Male Gorillas are not active in caring for the young, but they do play a role in socializing them to other youngsters and work to shield them from aggression within the group. Infants suckle at least once per hour and sleep with their mothers in the same nest.

Source: Gorilla – ZooBorns