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Gorilla Eats a Lemon and Pulls a Face

Have you tasted a Lemon? If you suck on a Lemon it has a very bitter taste and you sort of shudder. Well, you humans are not the only ones that react like that. The Gorilla below saw a fellow Gorilla having a lemon and decided he would try it too. I don’t think he really enjoyed it very much.


You could see his curiosity building as he smelled and looked at it. We all waited with anticipation after seeing him lustfully take it away from the others and want this prize just for himself as we await his reaction.’The keepers, and everyone watching were all laughing with hysteria until our stomachs and cheeks hurt as he found out what he had proven to all of his subordinates exactly what a mistake this had been.

‘It was as if he could not let them know of his mistake and continued to take little bites until the lemon had disappeared, all the while making faces of displeasure as he ate on this forbidden fruit. It truly was hysterically funny to watch his natural expressions as he tasted the sourness of the lemon.’He had the most human like expression we were all hoping for. His facial features gave away exactly what he was eating, even if we had not seen the lemon. It was obvious that it was very sour.’

Source: Gorilla muscles his rivals out of the way to eat the a lemon and pulls a face | Daily Mail Online