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Gorilla Doctors – Great Pictures

These are very lucky wild Gorillas. They have there own doctors who watch and look after them all the time. They stay healthy and the doctors and scientists get to learn more about these wonderful animals.

The foundation of Gorilla Doctors work is routine health monitoring—visually observing the members of gorilla groups on a regular basis to check for signs of illness or injury. The team visits every habituated mountain and Grauer’s gorilla group every month to perform a thorough visual health check. During a routine health check, the veterinarian observes each member of the gorilla group in order to check a variety of health parameters. In addition to the careful notes recorded on the condition of each gorilla, the veterinarians also photograph each individual, not only to document any injuries and ailments but also to create a long-term database of photos of the habituated groups. In the last month, Drs. Julius, Eddy, Fred, Martin, and Noel captured some beautiful photos during their health checks and we thought we would share some with you!

Source: Gorilla Doctors – Gorilla Doctors Blog