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Gorilla Cannot be Separated from Dead Baby

This is so sad. A mother’s love will not give up on her offspring even though the baby has died, she is hoping and hugging and waiting for the baby to make a noise and come back. This shows the true love between mother and baby a love that even after death cannot be broken. So sad! The gorilla gave birth on September 15 and while both offspring appeared to be healthy, one of the twins quickly deteriorated.

But her toddler died after a week and she cannot fathom why. At night she lays the dead gorilla across her stomach and wakes up with the same perplexed look on her face when her baby doesn’t stir.Zoo director Prof. Manfred Niekisch said; ‘Last Thursday she was OK in the morning but in the afternoon she suddenly and without warning died. We have as yet no idea what caused it.’Zookeepers intend to retrieve the dead infant when her ten-year-old mother finally lets go of the corpse for an autopsy.Prof Niekisch said of her all-too-human reluctance to relinquish the baby: ‘This is often the case with gorillas. The bond between mothers and their babies is particularly close.

Source: Gorilla at Frankfurt Zoo cannot bear to be separated from baby a week after it died | Daily Mail Online