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Go Ape Over Diets

There is no doubt that us Monkeys are very clever, perhaps more clever than some of you may know. We eat and drink and when we are sick we do not have a hospital to go to. So what can we do?

This article is all about how my Chimp friends can detox themeselves and keep healthy too. We did not have doctors teach us that, we found out ourselves.

Researchers observed chimps in the Budongo Forest of Uganda eating clay from clay pits and drinking water sprinkled with clay from holes under trees, according to a study published in PLOS ONE on Tuesday.Researchers first noticed this behavior a few years ago, and it started getting quite popular among the chimps. The animals create “leaf sponges” to drink the water. They chewed up leaves, dipped them into the water holes, then chewed them again to squeeze out the water with their tongues. The chimps also used their fingers to extract lumps of clay directly from the ground to eat.

Source: Humans Aren’t The Only Ones To Go Ape Over Diets: Chimps ‘Detox,’ Too : The Salt : NPR