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Gito the Orang-Utan Cardboard Box Ordeal

This cute baby is called Gito and he was found in the village of Hamlet Giet in Borneo. When he was found he was so thirsty and starving and thanks to some really nice people he is doing very well.

To help relieve him, coconut oil was massaged into Gito to soothe and soften his itchy skin. And he was placed on a drip to help rehydrate him.

Now, less than two months later, East Sussex-based IAR said Gito is looking ‘healthy, happy and alert’ – and is even sporting two front teeth.

Alan Knight, chief executive at IAR, said: ‘Considering the condition little Gito was in when he was rescued, his recovery has been remarkable.

‘But the team at our centre in Ketapang are experts at caring for sick and injured orang-utans and have been hugely successful at saving a number of seemingly hopeless cases.’

Although Gito is not as hairy as he should be, his skin is smooth and supple and there are good signs that his coat is growing, IAR rescuers said

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3334735/Baby-orangutan-Gito-healthy-happy-rescued-cardboard-box.html#ixzz3se7tgNGe