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Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

2015 is the year of the Gibbon, and in Thailand they are trying to help the Gibbon survive and flourish.

Some not so fun facts about gibbons:

Gibbons are considered the most Endangered primate family in the world.
Two species of gibbon, the Hainan gibbon of China and the cao vit gibbon of Vietnam have only 23 individuals and 129 individuals left in the whole world!
The average American uses 6 tree per year! Deforestation is one of the gibbons biggest threats as they rely on trees to move, feed and sleep. No trees – no gibbons.

After a recent trip to Phuket and discovering the Gibbon Rehabilitation project (GRP) I was so moved by what these guys are doing and I thought as it is such a worthy cause that we could spread the news about them here at the Joy Project.Also with all the year 12 students coming to the end of their schooling days and some thinking about a gap year, I thought this maybe a perfect place for them to spend some of their time.

Source: Gibbon Rehabilitation Project- Phuket, Thailand – The Joy ProjectThe Joy Project