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Forming Cliques Is Not Just A Human Trait

Humans will always make friends with people who are very much the same as them. They will share many of the same views and the same games and rules. It turns out that the humans are not the only ones who do this as Monkeys have the same ability.

The human tendency to gravitate towards people that are similar to them starts early. In school-age children, the behavior called homophily, or “love of the same” often has to do with how others dress or act. Adults tend to form groups based on social stature, professions or personalities.

Turns out that forming cliques and shutting out those that are “different” is not just a human trait. South Africa’s Chacma or Cape baboons display similar tendencies as well. This surprising discovery was made by a team of researchers from the University of Cambridge and the Zoological Society of London. For their study, the scientists followed the same two troops of baboons in the Tsaobis Nature Park in Namibia for several months each year, from 2009-2014. What they noticed was that just like humans, baboons rarely strayed from their original groups. In other words, shy baboons would associate themselves with other shy baboons, etc. To verify if their observations were correct, the researchers conducted a “boldness” or “assertive behavior” experiment.

Source: Forming Cliques Is Not Just A Human Trait – Baboons Do It Too!