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Five Orangutans Adapting Well in Kehje Sewen Forest

When Orangutans have been kept in captivity for a very long time, it can become very difficult to release them into their natural habitats later. So, here we have a halfway house approach where the Orangutans are helped into their new life, but monitored and helped all the way.

To ensure that the released orangutans are adapting well, the PRM (Post-Release Monitoring) team is regularly observing and collecting data on their behavior and assessing how they have adapted to their new life and habitat.Our PRM team in Camp Nles Mamse have reported that after the release of Ajeng, Erica, Arief, Long, and Leonie they are all doing really well. (Read their profiles here: Samboja Lestari 6th Orangutan Release Candidate Profiles).AjengAjeng has been basing most of her activities up in the trees and she has been an eager explorer. She also knows her natural foods very well and rattan shoots have so far been one of her favorites. Ajeng reportedly met Leonie eating forest fruits, but just continued on by, completely ignoring Leonie.

Source: Five Orangutans Adapting Well in Kehje Sewen Forest | BOS Foundation