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Famous Gorilla ‘Gives’ A Climate Speech

Mankind has to learn to protect the environment and in a global meeting mankind realised the Earth is not just for the humans. Koko the Gorilla sent his own message and everyone was very impressed and the story went global. Good on Koko.

A video made available online last week shows the famous gorilla Koko communicating through the use of American Sign Language in what is billed as an address to world leaders attending the Paris climate change conference.According to the Gorilla Foundation, Koko was invited to carry out this project by the French non-profit organization Noe Conservation, which focuses primarily on preserving biodiversity.

Viewers of the video are urged to sign a petition asking the participants at the conference to include the preservation of biodiversity in the forthcoming Paris Agreement.You can read about the filming process as the Gorilla Foundation chooses to describe it, and watch the 70-second film here: is one smart ape whose communicational abilities may have something to tell us about our own language.

Source: Famous Gorilla ‘Gives’ A Climate Speech : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR