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Escaped Monkey Back in Memphis Zoo 

There are many zoos in America where you can see my Monkey friends. One of them is the very famous Memphis Zoo. The zoo recently had a small problem where a rather naughty that Macaques Monkey ran off, but was was found and returned to his home. Did you know that the Macaques constitute, what is called the Old World, or scientifically the subfamily Cercopithecinae. Sounds very complicated doesn’t it? The 23 species of macaques are widespread over Earth.

Zimm, a macaque, is back at home at the Memphis Zoo after escaping on Thursday. She was found at about 9 a.m. on Saturday morning within zoo property. Zimm wasn’t deemed a threat to zoo visitors, and was placed under observation for medical treatment after her recapture.

Source: Escaped Monkey Back in Memphis Zoo | TIME