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Endangered Gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Gorillas are very gentle animals. Sure, they giant sized and will fight to protect or if they get scared, but otherwise they just want to be left alone and be in their family and in their group. The following Gorillas live in the Republic of Congo, which is a war torn area for many decades.

Even though it has oil and diamonds over half the population still live in poverty.

MailOnline was granted unprecedented access to this close-knit group and for 60 privileged minutes we witnessed the gentle nature of man’s primate cousin and the love and affection amongst themThis dispatch, from on the steep slopes of Mount Mikeno, in far east of the DRC, is one a series of articles highlighting the unique challenges facing this vast central African country.MailOnline has also investigated the plight of so-called ‘child witches’ to show the challenges facing the United Nations.But it is here high in the mountains that the battle for the very soul of Africa – its unique and dwindling animal population – is being fought in safeguarding the mighty gorilla.

Revered as sacred by the African communities that have shared their forest home for centuries, mountain gorilla numbers plummeted following their discovery by Europeans.In the 100 years since their ‘discovery’ they endured uncontrolled hunting, disease, capture as zoo exhibits and pets, destruction of their habitat and war.In 1989, with only 620 mountain gorillas in the world, this unique animal faced extinction by the end of the 20th century.However, thanks to determined conservation efforts, their population has now grown to 880.Their last refuge is the four national parks that straddle the mountain boundaries of DRC, Rwanda and Uganda.

Source: Pictures from encounter with endangered gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo | Daily Mail Online