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Duke the Gibbon Appears on Television

This cute little Gibbon is called Javan, who meets up with is mother and father once a day, and his sister,‘Sunda’, at least twice a day. Little Javan needs a little extra help to get strong, and therefore is being given milk by his handlers, until his family can help him on their own when he is strong and old enough to be weaned off his milk feeds.

We have since learned there is more to Duke’s touching story. The University of North Carolina Center for Public Television recently produced a short segment for the program “North Carolina Weekend”, that aired on their local PBS station.The segment chronicles Duke’s dramatic entrance into the world, his reintroduction to his family, and his traumatic ordeal with a broken arm.Two-year-old Duke has become a symbol of perseverance, and his story also reiterates how important man is to the equation of conservation and stewardship of the animal kingdom.

Source: Gibbon – ZooBorns