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Drunken Monkey

As a Monkey I am not allowed to go out drinking. I am not allowed in bars or clubs with my human friends. I have never had a drink of beer, but I am amazed to say some of my friends in the Jungle are having a drink and enjoying the taste. Have a look at this story about some happy Chimp friends.

Wild chimpanzees that enjoy the odd booze-up on palm wine have helped shed light on a theory about evolution, scientists said Wednesday.During a 17-year study, chimps in the West African country of Guinea were observed on numerous occasions imbibing a fermented milky sap from raffia palms, tapped by local people to make into an alcoholic drink.Incidents of lone drinkers and communal sessions were seen, according to a paper published in the British journal Royal Society Open Science.

Researchers suggested the findings give insight into the social habits of chimpanzees in the wild. They also back the “drunken monkey” theory, which holds that apes and humans share a genetic ability to break down alcohol that was handed down from a common ancestor.

Source: Boozy Chimps Back ‘Drunken Monkey’ Idea | Al Jazeera America