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Doctors Treat Sabyinyo Silverback after Respiratory Outbreak

If you lived net to a volcano that was spurting out dust all day everyday you would become ill. These poor Gorillas became sick too, and had to be treated by doctors.

In Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, the silverback of Sabyinyo group, Gihishamwotsi, was observed by park personnel with signs of respiratory illness, including coughing and nasal discharge, lethargy and poor appetite, prompting Gorilla Doctors veterinarians to take a closer look.On March 28, when Gihishamwotsi’s status was reported to be deteriorating, Drs. Noheli Jean Bosco, Gaspard Nzayisenga and Joost Philippa visited the group. After observing Gihishamwotsi, the team determined that antibiotic therapy would likely help alleviate his illness. Drs. Noheli and Gaspard administered a shot of antibiotics that day.Gorilla Doctors veterinarians also observed that some of the other gorillas of the group were now also showing signs of illness. Our team and Volcanoes National Park authorities made a plan to return the next day to re-assess the group.

Source: Gorilla Doctors treats Sabyinyo silverback after respiratory outbreak – Gorilla Doctors Gorilla Doctors