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Clever Monkey With Phone

Many monkeys are known to pick up anything and even steal from people as they walk past. Mostly this is down to curiosity, but this monkey stole a phone and would not give it back until he got some food.

In travelling abroad, losing things is on top of the list of precautions and on how one should be careful about in a foreign land.Most tourists, make sure things are secured and they don’t go anywhere isolated from fear of being mugged.So, when broad daylight, one would feel safe especially with lots of people around. Who in their mind would try to steal something from you in a crowded place?Well, these culprits are quite different and very clever. Monkeys in a park in Indonesia are stealing not food but people’s things right in front of everyone and no ones stopping them.So when English naturalist Chris Packham of BBC’s World’s Sneakiest Animals went to study the behaviors of the monkeys for an hour, he decided to understand what they’re up to by letting them steal his phone.He knew that these creatures are still into food and the only way was bartering. As soon as he showed his food, the monkey grabbed the eggs he presented and left his phone so Chris can pick it up.What a clever way of asking for food!

Source: He Had to Bribe The Clever Monkey With Food For His Phone And Was Succesful : Videos : Enstarz‎