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Chimps Mourn the Death of Their Mothers

There is not a closer bond than between mother and child and of course the other way around. We all know that if a human loses his mother the feeling is drastic for life. But, now we know that the monkey world has the same feelings too.

From 1950 to 1980, thousands of infant primates in West-Africa were ripped away from their mothers and sent to Europe, Japan and the U.S for medical research and entertainment purposes.The study was led by Elfriede Kalcher-Sommersguter and Jorg Massen, who published their results in Scientific Reports.‘The orphaned chimpanzees had a lower number of partners they groomed and were less active than were chimpanzees reared by their mothers’, Elfriede Kalcher-Sommersguter said.

Source: Chimps mourn the death of their mothers for a lifetime | Daily Mail Online