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Chimpanzees Smash Camera Drone

Sometimes you just do not want a camera pointing at you. Maybe you are in a bad mood, or you just don’t look great for someone taking photos of you. Well, it is not just you humans, as we Monkeys have that moment too. Look what happened when a drone was filming a Monkey!!


A chimpanzee took drastic counter measures when a TV crew’s drone was sent to take footage of her and her family. Using a 6ft-long stick, she swatted the drone to the ground and broke it.Unlike the Dutch crew who deployed the device to capture close-up shots of the chimps, scientists studying the animals were delighted.They said it demonstrated an impressive level of ingenuity and forward planning by the angry ape. The incident occurred while chimpanzees were being filmed at Royal Burgers’ zoo, in the Netherlands, in April.

Source: Ape millimetre: chimpanzees smash camera drone | World news | The Guardian