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Chimpanzees Enter the Stone Age

Around 3 million years ago man started to develop his brain and was able to use tools and even make things. He then made tools to help him hunt animals and was also able to have basic communication with other men. Now, the scientists say that Monkeys are now developing those skills.

The report suggests that the Monkey stone age era has already started. Just think in 2.5 million years a real Monkey may be writing books.



What makes these tools noteworthy is that the hands that held them weren’t human.

These stone tools were wielded by chimpanzees, capuchins and macaques. The sites where they have been unearthed are the basis of a brand new field of science: primate archaeology.

The tools are crude. A chimpanzee or monkey stone hammer is hardly a work of art to rival the beauty of an ancient human hand axe. But that’s not the point. These primates have developed a culture that makes routine use of a stone-based technology. That means they have entered the Stone Age.

Source: Chimpanzees and monkeys have entered the Stone Age