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Chimpanzees Developed a ‘Scottish Accent’

When humans move from one place to another after a while they start to develop an accent from the new place. This is very obvious to people that have known you for many years and suddenly hear you talking slightly different. Guess what? It happens to monkeys too.

It took several years for the expat apes to pick up the local dialect, because the two groups did not mix much when they were first introduced in 2010.Dr Katie Slocombe, of the University of York said: ‘They weren’t spending much quality time together and there weren’t many friendships. So they didn’t have any motivation to change their calling.’But after three years, the two groups buried their initial distrust of each other and got on famously.In what is billed as a breakthrough in the study of language, the scientists said the Dutch apes adopted the same style of grunting as that of their hosts.

Source: I wanna be like you! Chimpanzees developed a ‘Scottish accent’ after moving to Edinburgh Zoo | Daily Mail Online