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Chimp Habituation Experience

The Kibale National Park was opened in 1993 in Uganda and is around 30 km from Fort Port.This is a great place to meet chimps in the wild and who are safe from any hunters.

Chimpanzee habituation experience is now available in Kibale Forest National Park where tourists have an opportunity to spend a whole day with wild chimpanzees in the forest. When chimpanzee habituation experience was introduced, it used to be restricted to a maximum of six people but as time went on, it was increased to eight and currently the maximum number of people to participate in chimpanzee experience has been increased to twelve meaning that more people can now book chimp experience permits for Kibale National Park. For all those interested in chimp habituation experience, kindly contact Encounter Africa Safaris and we will provide you with availability of spaces on the specific day of your choice. While this development will have an impact on Uganda Wildlife Authority’s revenue, where more permits mean more money being received by Uganda Wildlife Authority, if not well controlled, the same might have a negative impact on the lives of Chimpanzees in Kibale National Park. The more chimpanzees get used to people, the more they will lose their natural instincts.At the moment, chimpanzee habituation experience permits costs USD220.00 per person per trek and tourists get a chance to spend a whole day with experience researchers are they go about their day to day habituation work. This may involve waking up early to look for chimps, de nesting, studying their behaviors as well as watching them making their nests in the evening. Our five day Primate safari allows you to do either chimpanzee trekking or chimp habituation experience and combine it with gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Source: How many people can go for chimp habituation experience