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Central Texas Research Chimps Face Uncertain Future

These Monkeys have been helping with studies of diseases, but since 2012 they have not done any studies, so the Monkeys have to be retired and be separated from each other.

BASTROP — Tucked into the semi-wilderness a few miles north of this Central Texas town, within spitting distance of a federal prison, Nahja, a 25-year old chimpanzee at the Keeling Center for Comparative Medicine and Research, wraps a handful of woolly nesting material around her head into something that resembles a shawl.

When a handler calls her name, Nahja stretches out her massive hands and catches an orange — this morning’s treat — tossed from the observation balcony overlooking the 75-foot wide corral where she and the rest of her social group live. At the 381-acre facility, nearly a dozen groups of 9 to 12 chimpanzees wait for their oranges atop raised wooden platforms in the separated corrals that house the research animals.


Source: Central Texas Research Chimps Face Uncertain Future | The Texas Tribune