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Childhood trauma is tough on Baboons

Imagine being neglected or bullied and imagine how a young person would feel. Now think about how a poor monkey would feel if it happened to him. People who experience abuse or neglect during childhood are more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems later in life, even after the stressful events […]


Wonder Women Save Wild Baboon

This poor Baboon was caught in a snare and became really hurt. Thank goodness for the love of wonder woman. Yogi the wild baboon was in grave danger from a snare around his waist that was slowly strangling him. Yogi’s only hope was three women who refused to fail. Source: Wonder Women Save Wild Baboon. […]


Primates in Vietnam Endangered

Vietnam is an Asian country run under communism and even in this beautiful country the monkeys are being looked after and kept safe. According to Head of the Reserve Division under the Thanh Hoa provincial Forest Protection Department, Mai Van Chuyen, the primate on the red list of threatened species in Vietnam and the world […]


Indonesia’s Orangutans Saved from Fires

The Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit NGO founded by Dr Willie Smits in 1991 and dedicated to the conservation of the endangered Bornean orangutan and its habitat through the involvement of local people. It is audited by a multinational auditor company[1] and operates under the formal agreement with the Indonesian Ministry […]


Orangutan goes Bananas

Nobody wants to be filmed when they have a temper tantrum. However, this Orangutan lost his temper on camera over some cardboard!!!! A visitor to the Omaha Zoo captured an orangutan’s loud reaction when two siamangs tried to take his cardboard. The smaller apes also pulled on the orangutan’s hair, and the great ape chased […]


Lemurs Born in Philadelphia

Philadelphia zoo in America has some new arrivals and they are very cute too. Four new arrivals and they are the cutest Lemurs you may ever see. Meet Philadelphia Zoo’s Black-and-white Ruffed Lemurs, born on February 21.  Together, these four fluffy babies weigh only one-third of a pound, but they add up to a ton […]

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