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Squirrel Monkey Costa Rica

The Squirrel monkey are some of the most ignored by the public. We talk about Gorillas and Baboons and we smile at chimps and Capuchin monkeys. How often do we hear about the Spider monkey? Habitat Squirrel monkeys make their homes in tropical evergreen forests, mangroves, and secondary forests.RangeThe squirrel monkey is found only in […]


Common Squirrel Monkey

Great video about the Squirrel Monkey. Squirrel monkeys grow to around 10″ to 14″ and weigh up to 2.5 pounds. They are very intelligent as measured in body and brain mass ratio. For example a human has a ratio of 1:35 and the Squirrel monkey has 1: 17, so he is not far behind humans […]


Squirrel Monkey – Info and Games

More facts about these great Monkeys. Squirrel monkeys  are considered to be “higher primates,” meaning they have a higher problem solving capacity and can figure things out. The lower primates would be something like the Lemur. Squirrel monkeys are found in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Death head monkeys: Squirrel monkey fur is short […]


Squirrel Monkeys Drink From a Cup

Squirrel Monkeys are fun animals and here are some facts, followed by using cups! Squirrel monkeys are gregarious and live together in groups in the tropical forests of Central and South America, especially in Bolivia and Brazil. Squirrel monkeys eat insects, fruit, and other food sources, but they are hunted by snakes and Falcons as […]


Do Monkeys Make Good Pets?

Humans love dogs and cats. They love goldfish and hamsters. All these are great pets, but are Monkeys good pets? This is probably the most common question that I get as a primate keeper. It often comes up while I’m giving a keeper chat, or while I’m feeding a particularly cute Coquerel’s Sifaka. Despite all […]


A Little Dance in the Rain

You may have heard the song Singing In The Rain, and here we have a Gorilla who, after watching his friends play decided to join in and dance in the rain. You may have heard the song Singing In The Rain, and here we have a Gorilla who, after watching his friends play decided to […]