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Capuchin Monkey Picks her Nose 

This is so funny and clever. Most Monkeys are able to use some tools to help them in life. Like a stick to break a nut and a stick to scratch an itch. But, this Monkey has now found a new use.

We all sometimes pick our noses, and we try to do it when nobody is watching. This Monkey is the first of her kind who picks her nose using a stick. Remember do not do that in public.

No adult female [capuchin] has been seen to use a probe tool for foraging, and the only prior instance of an adult female using a stick tool was when one capuchin used a stick to poke the individual she was grooming,” the researchers note.The researchers are notching this up as a quirky character trait specific to Acacia, although they do suggest that the behaviour could have been an attempt the monkey to clear her nasal cavity. Teeth-picking behaviour is a little more common in primates, so they surmise that the purpose here was probably relieving discomfort or dislodging an irritant.

Source: Give a capuchin monkey a stick … and she’ll pick her nose with it | animal-behaviour | Earth Touch News