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Bonnie the Capuchin Monkey

In every cartoon that has Monkeys in it we see them loving Bananas. Here is a really cute Capuchin Monkey that really cannot get enough of Bananas.


ONE step closer and the banana gets it!Clearly, Bonnie the black capped capuchin monkey isn’t one for sharing. Even if the feast in her diminutive arms is more than half her height.This is Bonnie in her element, running rampant on the deck of wildlife conservationist Ben Britton’s porch; darting around like a dancer, clambering over the shoulders of guests and dismantling anything within reach.Monkey business, if you will.“I like to be able to work in with the animals, form a relationship with the animal, so they can come out and have lives that extend beyond enclosures,’’ Mr Britton said.

Source: Big banana is quite ape-peeling for Bonnie the capuchin monkey | DailyTelegraph