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Baby Squirrel Monkey Born in Amazona Zoo

What a great picture of a really beautiful new Squirrel baby at the Cromers Amazona Zoo. Even though, the Squirrel Monkey is not as well known as some other monkeys, it is a very important species.

Squirrel Monkeys live in the tropical forests of Central and South America. They spend most of their time in the canopy, and rarely come down to the forest floor. They have very nimble fingers and a natural curiosity allow these monkeys to forage for a wide range of plants and insects for food.

The females only give birth in the rainy season and Squirrel monkeys will often rub urine on themselves, so to leave territorial scent trials.

It is familiar scene in the rainforests of South America – but it is a first at Cromer’s Amazona Zoo.The youngster, who is just two weeks old, is now starting to make public appearances at the tourist attraction.

But head keeper Imogen White said the mum and baby are in trees on a water ringed Monkey island, so visitors hoping to see them might find binoculars useful.Mum – called Peaches – and baby were doing well, she added.“Peaches is jumping from branch to branch and the baby is hanging on well,” said Mrs White.The parents are one of two pairs that have been at the Cromer zoo since it opened eight years ago.

Source: Baby squirrel monkey born at Cromer’s Amazona Zoo – Environment – Eastern Daily Press