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Baby Gorilla Begins Crawling

Woodland Park Zoo is in Washington in the United States and was opened way back in 1899, so it has great knowledge on the subject of monkeys.Great to know, as it has just had a new arrival.

The female gorilla is developing her leg muscles, according to Martin Ramirez, Woodland Park Zoo’s mammal curator.”She’s starting to crawl short distances and she’s on target for this physical development at her age,” said Ramirez.The western lowland gorilla was born November 20 to 19-year-old Nadiri, a first-time mom. After giving birth naturally, Nadiri didn’t pick up her baby. Staff immediately stepped in for the safety and welfare of the baby and to allow the new mom to rest.Because Nadiri did not have experience with motherhood, the zoo prepared for different outcomes while Nadiri was pregnant, including human intervention.

Source: Seattle zoo’s baby gorilla begins crawling