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Comparisons Between Chimps and Humans

We have always been told that many Monkeys are very close to humans in many ways. Here we have an article that talks about that in more detail. Remember that we have feelings too!! Chimpanzees are often incorrectly called monkeys. they’re actually in the great ape family just like us. The other great apes are […]


New Monkey Identified in Africa

Man has identified many species of Monkeys and it is very unusual in this day and age to find a new Monkey. This has happened in Africa and is creating some big excitement. A new species of monkey has been identified in Africa, the second one in 28 years, say scientists.The primate was discovered in […]


Group Formation of Squirrel Monkeys

The Squirrel Monkey is probably one of the most studied Monkeys on the planet. They are small and not aggressive and stay in groups, which makes it easy to keep track of them. The social behaviour of squirrel monkeys Although squirrel monkeys are among the most popular laboratory and zoo animals, relatively little is known […]