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Bonnie the Capuchin Monkey

In every cartoon that has Monkeys in it we see them loving Bananas. Here is a really cute Capuchin Monkey that really cannot get enough of Bananas.   ONE step closer and the banana gets it!Clearly, Bonnie the black capped capuchin monkey isn’t one for sharing. Even if the feast in her diminutive arms is […]


Baboons at Knowsley Safari Park

Sometimes everyone can be a little naughty and even my friends the Baboons are also naughty. Here is a video from 2004 that shows them being VERY naughty. The famous troop of olive baboons at Knowsley Safari Park. A few of these baboons ride on the cars, ripping off windscreen wipers in the process. Clip […]


Over 60 Gestures Used by Chimps

For decades, humans have tried to teach Chimpanzees to communicate in sign language, well now it seems that some of that training is working with Chimps able to gesture over 60 words.   The study, which now appears in Current Biology, shows that wild chimpanzees use at least 66 gestures, such as arm raises, ground […]