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Facts About Orangutans

If you have ever seen the films of Planet of the Apes you would see that the Orangutans are presented as the intelligent monkey. In the film they are the scientists, but what are the true facts about this wonderful animal? Orangutans are known by many from their brightly colored hair; however, this incredible ape […]


Monkey gets Frostbite

When Monkeys are taken away and become pets they may or may not enjoy it. The problem is, now that the pet has no freedom and every decision is made by the owner. If the owner is stupid and leaves a monkey out in the cold, then the monkey will suffer. This is what happened […]


IAR Rescue 20 Orangutans

The Monkey populations are in great danger and when forest fires strike it takes away the habitat for years. In Indonesia there have been many fires during 2015 and the Orangutan population has been badly affected. Lucky many volunteers have worked hard to save them and find them new places to live. Forest fires in […]