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Monkey Wildlife Animals

Humans have always been fascinated by our close relatives the monkeys. This documentary made by National Geographic helps explain a lot more about our cousins of evolution. DOCUMENTARY National Geographic # Monkey Wildlife Animals % FULL Documentary 2016 Monkeys are haplorhine (“dry-nosed”) primates, a paraphyletic group generally possessing tails and consisting of approximately 260 known […]


Wide-Eyed Amenity of Lemurs

The humble Lemur is a small monkey type creature that is found in many places worldwide, however the main area where these amazing primates can be found is in Madagascar. It is even possible to stay in some beautiful hotels to watch these amazing animals.   Like hotels everywhere, those in the African nation of […]


Howler monkey center – YouTube

So what is a Howler Monkey? Howler monkeys are among the largest of the New World monkeys and one of only a few nest-building monkeys. Fifteen species are currently recognised. Previously classified in the family Cebidae, they are now placed in the family Atelidae. These monkeys are native to South and Central American forests. Threats […]

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