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Anthony Davis NBA has Pet Monkey 

This man is a famous NBA player and has become very big in his game, and now he has hit the news for having a new Monkey Pet.

For those of you around the world that understand NBA, I am told that Anthony has appeared in 67 games in the last season and is very famous too. He must be very fit like me.

Having a pet can be a full-time job. I have a pet dog, for instance, and I have to feed and walk the dog several times a day. Taking care of a pet is a real commitment, but weighed against how much we love our dog, it’s well worth the effort.Taking care of a dog is one thing, but what about a marmoset? First of all, what is a marmoset? According to Wikipedia, a marmoset is a species of monkey that is usually about 8 inches long. It is also a monkey that many people keep as a pet.One month ago, New Orleans Pelicans big man Anthony Davis posted a photo on Instagram of a marmoset, with the caption (apparently the name of the monkey), “Meek!”

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