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Adorable Lemurs Spotted Dancing like John Travolta

There was a great film made in the 1970s that starred John Travolta. He was a dancer and would disco dance and make some great moves. Now, the John Travolta of the Lemur world has been found. Watch out Mr Travolta.

John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever inspiration can finally be revealed.He clearly copied lemurs like this fella snapped dancing in the Madagascan rainforest.Russell MacLaughlin, an experienced wildlife photographer from Tzaneen, South Africa, captured the amazing moment while visiting the island.Russell said: “I’ve always wanted to capture a lemur dancing on film.”I saw some pictures of a lemur dancing in a similar way years ago and just thought it was amazing – I had to see it for myself.

Source: Adorable lemurs spotted dancing like John Travolta in Madagascan rainforest – Mirror Online