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6-Week-old Gorilla Baby’s Checkup

Even a baby Gorilla must be checked to make sure everything is in order.Check the blood pressure and the teeth and hold him tight too.

A Washington state zoo shared video of an adorable 6-week-old gorilla getting her first checkup with a veterinarian.The Woodland Park Zoo said the female western lowland gorilla, born six weeks ago to first-time mother Nadiri, weighed in at 7 pounds during the checkup and veterinarians noted she has a healthy appetite.The gorilla was taken into the care of zookeepers when Nadiri  “did not show appropriate maternal behaviors” after the birth. However, the zoo said the baby and her mother have been interacting on a daily basis under the supervision of keepers and the introductions have remained positive.”As she grows, her little leg muscles are starting to develop and that means baby has now hit another milestone: she’s starting to crawl!” the zoo said in a blog post. She can only cover short distances, but with the way she now holds her head steady and is starting to really take in her surroundings, she’ll be an explorer soon.

Source: VIDEO: Seattle zoo shares video of 6-week-old gorilla baby’s checkup | Weird News | ArcaMax Publishing