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5 Magnificent Movies Featuring Monkeys

Monkeys have appeared in big feature films for decades. Probably the best know Monkey films are the Planet of the Apes series and of course the mighty King Kong. Here are a few other films that have Monkeys in them, but maybe the evil side of Monkeys. Of course, in real life we are not evil at all.

Our furrier, less-refined ape brothers and sisters have been wreaking all manner of havoc in cinema since its dawn. Of course, 1933’s KING KONG made uncouth, angry gorillas into pop culture lore, but how many TARZAN and JUNGLE JIM films, not to mention THREE STOOGES shorts and poverty row horror pictures also traded in on the concept of apes as aggressors?

I suppose much of the killer monkey madness dials back to Poe, with his tale MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE, itself adapted for cinema several times. And then, in 1968, when Charlton Heston got shanghaied on the PLANET OF THE APES, where mean monkeys were the masters and people were put in the position of being the lesser species, simian-shock film history came full circle.But outside of the aforementioned classics and curiosities there are acres of untapped ape goodness.Here’s a list of five of our freaked-out faves.

Source: 5 Magnificent Movies Featuring Murderous Monkeys! – Shock Till You Drop