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2015 World Lemur Festival

Celebrate with lemur fans in Madagascar and all over the world during the 2015 World Lemur Festival! Lemurs are very cute animals and much loved. It is such a great idea to have a day dedicated to them. This is the second year this event has taken place and I wish I could travel to go there too. The more people know about animals, the more they can help protect them too.


The World Lemur Festival will be celebrated in Madagascar from October 29-31, 2015. We encourage Lemur Lovers around the world to celebrate with us—whether it is on those specific days, or in the weeks surrounding them.If you plan to hold an event, let us know! We will be posting a map of the worldwide events right here on the Lemur Conservation Network, and sharing your stories! #LemurFansUnited #LemurFansRock #LetsSaveLemurs!» Download our files from Dropbox to use the World Lemur Festival logo or print flyers

Source: Announcing the 2015 World Lemur Festival – Lemur Conservation Network